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San Felipe Living's Favorite Restaurants

Every resort destination has their signature restaurants that they offer to their visitors.  What makes San Felipe that much more unique is the diversity in dining experiences that the town provides to its five thousand plus visitors each year.  We have made a list of some of the different kinds of restaurants, and some of our personal favorites for you;

Romantic  dinners - El Nido, poolside at Playa de Oro, and the outside patio at El Cortez.  For a natural outdoor setting try Rubens at Rubens RV park (on the beach by the waves). There is also Baja Mar and Red Lobster.Seafood - Baja Mar.

American (Burgers, steak) - Al’s Backyard, behind Al’s Bar (last year they had a superb Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Playa De Oro, Jackass and Fatboys  have good food also.

Authentic Mexican - There are quite a few.  Try El Capitan, Chueys, Rosita's, Rice and Beans, and Chucatas. But lets face it, its hard to find "bad" Mexican food in San Felipe.  Its Mexico.

Chinese / Asian - Oceano Chino.

Music and dancing - There is Pete’s Camp (some say has the best Rock and Roll band in Baja California), Miramar, Beachcomber, and the Rockodile.

Breakfast - Rosita's and The El Cortez for Mexican style breakfast, Baja Java and George's for American style breakfast.

Sports bar - Fandango’s has Pool tournaments, darts, and is always fun.  There is also the "Bare foot Bar” at the El Cortez Pool, Beach Comber, and Iguanas.



 Restaurant Reviews

The Lighthouse Lounge: A Taste of the US

By Colleen Joy

I love San Felipe: I love the lifestyle, the old town customs, the charm, the views of the ocean and the mountains, and of course, I love the food. You would never know in these old rustic buildings hides so many diverse culinary delights. So I thought, why not sample them all and share my experiences!

I had heard many good things about the Lighthouse Lounge. Hidden up on the hill, the remote restaurant boasts the best views of the town of San Felipe, not to mention the ocean and the mountains in the distance. I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. The Lighthouse Lounge uses a wonderful combination of vibrant colors and decorations creating the look of a modern upscale restaurant with the feel of San Felipe’s old custom charm.

The menu offers selections of American style fair. Warm bread was brought to our table, and my husband and I ordered Beef Carpaccio as our appetizer. The beef was expertly sliced, soaked in a delightful vinegar medley, mixed with capers and onions, and garnished with lettuce. It literally lit up my taste buds.  Sufficed to say, we’re off to a wonderful start!

The main entree comes with soup, salad, the main dish and dessert. I ordered Chicken Piccata and my husband ordered the Coconut Shrimp. We were first brought out sumptuous bowls of Cream of Broccoli soup. Absolutely delicious! Our salads were next: lettuce mixed with carrots, radishes, cabbage and onions, with a wonderful house dressing. Finally, and we were almost full at this point, the main dish. My chicken was tender; the lemon, butter and caper flavors were divine. It was just like my mother used to make. My dinner came with a baked potato and grilled vegetables. My husband’s shrimp were huge! They were sweet with wonderful dipping sauces.

To top the evening off we had coffee and ramekins of flan with a cherry on top. We had so much food left over, we ate it for lunch the next day!


Lighthouse Lounge

Calle Guaymas #152/ 686-577-2540

Excellent views, great service, delightful atmosphere

Menu Items: American Style chicken, steak, pasta and seafood plates (there is an authentic Mexican selection as well)

Recommend: Chicken Piccata, Chicken Parmesan and Coconut Shrimp

Cost: $50 for myself and my husband, including: appetizers, soup, salad, dinner, dessert and drinks

Two Thumbs Way Up!

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