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11. Golf in San Felipe

Whether you are a beginner and want to discover the game, or consider yourself the next Tiger Woods, golf can be a very relaxing or competetive game.
26/04/2006 | 2670 Hit(s) | (0 vote)

12. Walks along the beach in San Felipe

With miles of beach to discover, you can enjoy hours of fun in the sun.  Nothing says romance like a walk on the beach hand-in-hand at sunset.
26/04/2006 | 2699 Hit(s) | (0 vote)

13. Shopping in San Felipe

There are plenty of excellent shopping opportunities in San Felipe, and whether you are looking for clothes and jewelry or gifts and bric-a-brac, you will find a wide range of shops and markets to explore and enjoy. You can even place orders for cust...
26/04/2006 | 2714 Hit(s) | (0 vote) |

14. Nightlife in San Felipe

If you enjoy lively nights then you’ll be delighted with the vibrant San Felipe nightlife. There is plenty of choice, so there will be something to suit every taste. You can enjoy energetic dance clubs that offer a range of musical delights fro...
26/04/2006 | 2802 Hit(s) | (0 vote) |

15. Fishing in San Felipe

If you enjoy water-based activity, you’ll love the boating and fishing opportunities in San Felipe. You don’t have to own your own boat, as you can take advantage of locally available fishing charters. You can select from a choice waters,...
26/04/2006 | 2776 Hit(s) | (0 vote) |

16. Swimming in San Felipe

There are some beautiful waters in San Felipe, and there’s nothing more refreshing or exhilarating than a cooling swim on a hot day or a warm evening. Stunning beaches are plentiful in San Felipe, so you’ll never be short of places in whi...
26/04/2006 | 2428 Hit(s) | (0 vote) |

17. Playing tennis in San Felipe

There are plenty of excellent tennis facilities, and you can enjoy brushing up your tennis skills or enjoying an energetic game of single or doubles with friends and family.
26/04/2006 | 2353 Hit(s) | (0 vote)

18. Horseback riding in San Felipe

Horseback riding is a very popular recreational activity, and you can enjoy admiring the beauty of San Felipe as well as the thrill of horseback riding. Whether you want to enjoy an exhilarating horseback ride alone, or a romantic ride out with a lov...
26/04/2006 | 2433 Hit(s) | (0 vote) |

19. ATV touring in San Felipe

If you fancy some real excitement, an ATV tour offers the perfect solution. You can cruise the San Felipe coastlines with a one-hour tour, or take in the scenery and enjoy the thrill with an all day ride. You can rent your own ATV or tow your own...
26/04/2006 | 3730 Hit(s) | (0 vote) |

20. Baja Diamante

Baja Diamante is an exclusive condominium in San Felipe that matches the greatness of developments in cities like Cancún or Miami, but its setting is in the peacefulness of a traditional Mexican fishing village. Baja Diamante consists...
25/04/2006 | 2801 Hit(s) | (0 vote) |